Dr. St. Amour is an experienced radio and TV reporter and broadcast journalist. This was his first profession for almost a decade. It was a journey that has featured some remarkable discoveries and marked by some interesting political exposés. There were surprised features of awful human right violations, violence, marginalized rights to life and the freedom of speech and Press during the Haiti political turmoil’s in 2003. The most devastating and transformative experience of his life was responding to and aiding hundreds of children and families trapped and traumatized by the catastrophic earthquake in 2010 in Haiti. He coordinated a number of first responders medical crisis emergency missions to the earthquake victims, and lead humanitarian efforts, traumas and psychological interventions in partnership with several national and international NGO’S, hospitals, churches and universities for the three years that followed.  

   After the earthquake, Dr. St. Amour was appointed as the Senior Mental Health Consultant to the Ministry of Public Health and Population in Haiti. He was the Consultant Associate Professor for Mental Health Services Policies for the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacology of the State University of Haiti. He has served on the Board of the National Executive Directors, as the advisor and consultant to several nonprofit NGO’s. He has had over 15 years of experience in ministry and his clinical background consists of over 10 years of extensive experience in both Pastoral Counseling and Mental Health Counseling-dual diagnosis treatment. He has worked as a Family and Child Therapist in a variety of settings and diverse cultural populations, which included Schools, Community Mental Health Centers, Hospitals and Behavioral Units. In addition, he has a number of years’ experience in conflict resolutions and has worked within national and international crisis management capacities, program management and humanitarian crisis responses and efforts for the last fifteen years.  

   He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication and Journalism from the Faculty of Humans Sciences at the State University of Haiti. A Master of Arts degree in Christian Counseling and Theology from the Rhema University, USA. He completed one-year postgraduate study of a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology and Mental Health at the Palm Beach Atlantic University. He then graduated with a Master of Science degree in Applied Psychology from the Lynn University, USA.  Dr. St. Amour received his Doctor of Counseling degree in Marriage and Family, with a concentration in Family Trauma Therapy from the Andersonville Theological Seminary, Camilla, USA. In addition, he was the 2012 recipient of the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma scholarship. Subsequently, Dr. St. Amour, successfully completed a post-doctoral study, earning a Master Certificate in Global Mental Health: Trauma and Recovery from The Harvard University Medical School and The Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma, MA., USA.


  Dr. St. Amour recently completed an additional study earning a Diploma in Global Health and Health Diplomacy with the NOVA Medical School/Faculdade de Ciências Médicas and The Lisbon Institute of Global Mental Health, Lisbon, Portugal. Currently, he is pursuing an International Law degree in Mental Health and Human Rights from Indian Law College at the University of Pune, India. He has authored and co-authored a number of scientific research articles and has studied in five different countries: Haiti, Kenya, Italy, Portugal and USA. He founded/President of Apoxee International Ministries, Inc. Globally, Dr. St. Amour is an expert in International Humanitarian missions and crisis disaster recovery and is the #1 Bestseller author of: "Beyond the Mission: A Guide for Pastoral Counselors on Traumatic Stress in Missionary Relief Workers; and his second book entitled: “Marriage and Family Life in Haiti: A Practical Guide to True Principles of  Christian education”, is soon to be released. Born in Haiti, Dr. St. Amour has worked there as well as West Africa and East Africa. He currently resides in the USA, and has two children.