Beyond the mission

" This book is a homogenous blend of the science & arts of psychology & spirituality as an immediate reflection of the pains & gains of a divinely motivated Reverend, qualified mental health counselor, who witnessed the post Haiti earthquake overwhelming, devastating & longstanding effects on his beloved fellow country people . I see it as a mindful, truthful sharing of a personal practical experience, of miraculous art of self healing based on self applying mastered psychology on a background of deep religiosity & spirituality, made public as preventive & healing measures; in gratitude to the traumatized first line volunteers. The outcome is universal, applicable to missionary

servants & non missionary servants by pastorals, trained professionals, non pastorals & non professionals, who get access to this nicely written self explaining manuscript… It is a non imposing GPS compass for an effective comprehensive soul, body & mind healing…".


Abdelrahman Abudoam, MD

Consultant Psychiatrist, associate professor,

International University of Africa, Khartoum, Sudan.

Faculty member Harvard Refugee Trauma Program.